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Solakis Marble is a company that has been in the stone industry from the early seventies. Our company established international trade in 1981 specializing in the quarrying, processing and exporting of Greek marble. We export to over 20 countries world wide, exporting over 85% of our product in the international market. Our clients include countries such as Brazil, USA, Korea, Japan, China, Nigeria, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Ukraine etc.


Our factory is equipped with the most advanced state-of-the-art Italian machinery and in combination with our professional, experienced and highly trained personnel, we might not ranked amongst the biggest companies in Greek Marble Industry, but we certainly rank amongst the most reliable. We feel obligated in supplying materials that satisfy our customers' requirements with A1 marble at promised delivery times.



We produce high quality marble in slab form
( 2200 - 2800 x 1200-1800 ) and floor & wall tiles dimensions. Please also note that we produce specialized cut to size dimensions required for specific projects along with specialized articles and blocks.
We aim to provide professional and efficient service & delivery that is also followed by the after services that may be required from the technical composition of our marble to the processing methods that may assist other processing plants for the best results in their productions